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My Heart Series Standalone Spin Off
Author: Aleya Michelle
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Comedy
Cover Design: Marisa Shor, Cover Me Darling
Release Date: May 18, 2017


Like any girl, I just wanna have some fun.
I might be blonde, but I’m far from dumb.
But Hell, men like ’em dumber than a box of rocks,
So that’s the game I play–
Just to get ’em wrapped around my finger,
And in my bed.

Let’s face it, sex is fun,
And I’m all about having a good time…
I’ve had my share of man-whores and douchebags,
I’m not looking for anything more.

And nobody can change my mind,
Not even Dan Westbrook.
With his sexy smile and irresistible body.
I’m a man-eater,
And right now, he’s the only man I want a bite of.

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia. I am in my thirties and happily married with three gorgeous boys.

I currently have six full length books released and one novella.

My first love has always been reading, so the writing side is very natural to me. Favourite books include anything by Abbi Glines, but Fallen too Far is a favourite, Pulse & Collide by Gail McHugh and The Driven trilogy by K Bromberg.

Hobbies of mine are playing netball; shopping and I love listening to music. I add it into my writing frequently.

I look forward to introducing my readers to new characters and new book ideas.

I am totally enjoying this rollercoaster of being an Indie author and hoping others enjoy my writing as much as I love writing it.

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Josephine Traynor has quickly become one of my favourite authors to read. Her books are real, they are funny, they are romantic and they are simply fantastic. This book, which is the second book in The Time Series is no exception. This book follows the story of Charlotte and Chris who we met in A Quarter to Twelve and were very happy to play matchmakers for Ava and Patrick. The last thing they both expected was to find love themselves.
Charlotte is a fun quirky character, she works in her parent’s cloths store and loves spending here time focussing on her Design. She hopes one day to be a famous designer in her own right. She’s into one night stands and that’s about it.
Chris is the total opposite to his brother Patrick, he’s the one night stand type of guys. He’s broke, he’s living at his brother’s cause he can’t afford a place of his own. He’s working at his brothers restaurant although he really has other big dreams of what he’d like to be doing.
These two have so much in common, they are like the male / female versions of each other. This book was another fantastic read, again Ms Traynor’s sense of humour comes through. 5 plus stars all the way from me. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next book in this series.

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Book Review / New Release

Tempting Justice

Tempting Justice

By:  Fiona Archer

This is the 2nd book in the Son’s of Sydney Series.   In this book we follow the story of Heath Justice, he’s a Detective.  After the death of his family, which he believes is his fault, he spends his time living on the streets of Sydney where he meets his other friends who become his “brothers”   After the boys help save a young American’s guys life his “rich” mother adopts them.   Heath has decided that he will never again break the rules and risk the lives of his new family – that will never ever happen again.   Heath and his partner have an ugly double murder case to solve so he has no time for anything other than work.   That is until he meets his partners sister – the hot, sexy, curvy, redhead London Shaw.   She’s about to bring chaos to his life.     London is a Author who has a huge following and writes YA but has decided to try her hand at writing a murder mystery.   She’s the total opposite to Heath, she believes rules are meant to be broken.   She is shocked to find herself implemented in a Homicide.   We follow the story of these two through this story, with murder, twists, turns, shocks that you definitely don’t see coming.   Heath can’t resist her.   London can’t resist him.   Heath’s murder investigations threatens everyone he cares about. How is he going to cope when it threatens the women he is now in love with?   This is another fantastic read which and I can’t wait for the next book in this series.   Again this book is in my Top 5 reads for the year so far.


Book Review


Truly, Madly, Whiskey
By: Melissa Foster

And this is another great book by Melissa Foster, she is fast becoming one of my favourite one click authors to read.   After reading Tru Blue I wanted to know more about Bear Whiskey and dam he is one hot sexy mysterious guy.   Bear has had the hots for Chrystal for the past 8 months but she keeps him at arms length on the romantic side but they are the best of friends.  Crystal Moon is an interesting character, she seems tough and sexy and has a sassy mouth but on the inside it’s a totally different story.   Events in Crystal’s past have changed her and turned her into the person she is today.     The more Bear persues her the more interesting this book becomes. Crystal works at the store with Gemma (who we met in Tru Blue) and she’s a very talented designer.   She makes and designs costumes that they were in the store for the childrens parties.   Crystal thinks her “new” life is totally under control until Bear pushes more and more of her buttons.   These guys have their ups and downs and there are twists and turns and who doesn’t love a story with a cut little kitten in it.   This was another great story and I can’t wait to read more about the Whisky Brothers in the future.




Book Review


Tempt The Boss
By Natasha Madison

This is the first book by Natasha Madison that I’ve read and it certainly won’t be the last…. I absolutely loved it….. I read it in one sitting over a few hours….. I literally couldn’t put it down… it was so funny….. I was laughing out loud…. Madison’s sense of humour certainly showed through.

We meet Lauren who is forced to go back to work after the breakup of her marriage. She thinks this will go smoothly that is until she has the most painful first morning getting to work…. Anything that can go wrong does go wrong, including meeting her “boss by accident” literally…..

We meet Austin, he’s hot, sexy and all man. He expects his new assistant to be professional and on time. He’s shocked when she turns up “late” and discovers who she is. There are accusations flying – he accuses her of stalking him – she calls him an asshat……..

There are so many twists and turns, and so many funny times. I absolutely loved and devoured this books in no time. This book is definitely in my top 3 reads so far this year……. 5 plus stars from me…..


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