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Tempting Justice

Tempting Justice

By:  Fiona Archer

This is the 2nd book in the Son’s of Sydney Series.   In this book we follow the story of Heath Justice, he’s a Detective.  After the death of his family, which he believes is his fault, he spends his time living on the streets of Sydney where he meets his other friends who become his “brothers”   After the boys help save a young American’s guys life his “rich” mother adopts them.   Heath has decided that he will never again break the rules and risk the lives of his new family – that will never ever happen again.   Heath and his partner have an ugly double murder case to solve so he has no time for anything other than work.   That is until he meets his partners sister – the hot, sexy, curvy, redhead London Shaw.   She’s about to bring chaos to his life.     London is a Author who has a huge following and writes YA but has decided to try her hand at writing a murder mystery.   She’s the total opposite to Heath, she believes rules are meant to be broken.   She is shocked to find herself implemented in a Homicide.   We follow the story of these two through this story, with murder, twists, turns, shocks that you definitely don’t see coming.   Heath can’t resist her.   London can’t resist him.   Heath’s murder investigations threatens everyone he cares about. How is he going to cope when it threatens the women he is now in love with?   This is another fantastic read which and I can’t wait for the next book in this series.   Again this book is in my Top 5 reads for the year so far.


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