New Release / Book Review


Bayside Desires
By Melissa Foster

Bayside Desires is the first book in Melissa Fosters new series Bayside Summers. We meet Rick Savage he is one of the co-owners of Bayside Resorts with his best friend and brother as well as working in a successful business in Washington DC. He’s spending his summer at the Cape and plans to go back to Washington at the end of the summer. He’s having a great time at Cape Cod with his brother and best friend, they spend their time out on the water.

We need Desiree Cleary, she a preschool teacher and has plans for everything. Her summer is thrown into chaos when she receives a message from her mother and quickly returns to Cape Cod. She find that she’s about to spend her summer running her mothers art gallery with her half sister who she barely knows as well as her mothers very naughty and cheeky dog.

While Rick is out on his Jet Ski with his brother and best friend he spot this stunning looking girl on the jetty… Rick is instantly drawn to her beauty. As in all of Ms Fosters other books these characters are believable. Sparks ignite between these two, but with Rich being back at Cape Cod it’s unearthed some painful memories from past. Will Desiree be able to help him with this??? This is another great one and one I’d highly recommend.


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