Coming Soon / Book Review


Read, Write, Love at Seaside
By Addison Cole
Released 14 June 2017

What an absolutely beautiful book. If you love ready beautiful sexy books without the sex you will love this book. We meet Kurt Remington, he’s a Bestselling Author who spends hours and hours every day infront of his laptop writing. He doesn’t do much else with his life, his work is his life. He’s come to the Cape, to his beach front property to finish off his latest book.
Leanna Bray spends summers at the Cape and has done so for most of her life. Each summer she catches up with her friends. Leanna is the total opposite of Kurt, she’s easy going, she’s free spirited and she’s messy. The book opens with Leanna trying to save her dog from drowning in the ocean and nearly drowns herself. This happens outside Kurts beach house, he’s busy writing but get’s interrupted by her yelling. He goes to help her and saves both her and her dog and totally Leanna totally throws him. She turns his life upside down, on every end possible and all for the best. The interactions between these two characters are hot and sizzling. I really enjoyed this first book by Addison Cole, who is the ulta ego of best selling author Melissa Foster. With Addison’s books you get all the great stories… the sizzling romance without the sex.


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