Book Review / New Release


Fast (Not Like the Movies)

By:-   Lauren K McKeller

Released:- 25 May 2017


I’ve read a few of Ms McKeller’s books and I’d have to say this book is up in my top 3. It’s a quick read and one I enjoyed.   We follow the story of Quinn Hamilton, who had an amazing life, she was an A grade student, she had a loving family and her life came tumbling down when tragedy struck.   After 3 years she decides it’s time to focus on things, getting a steady job, looking after her mother and being safe.   Her dream, before the tragedy was to work for a fashion magazine but this is now so far on the back burner that she’s never going to achieve this dream.     While working at an internship in the city Quinn runs into someone from her past, someone who knows about the tragedy, someone who know all about her, someone who she’s previously had the hots for, someone who she is desperate to avoid.     What happens when their worlds collide????   Will love conquer all?   Or will the tragedy of their pasts be too much to bare?????

PURCHASE LINKS – only 99c!








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