New Release / Book Review

rachel cover

All that I am
Men of Monroe Book 1

By Rachel Brookes

This book is the first book in Rachel Brookes new series, Men of Monroe.   We meet Sasha Hamilton, she’s the owner of a home décor boutique, she’s a very unique type of girl, she has a sassy mouth and absolutely no filter what so ever, she say’s exactly what she is thinking.    She’s had a pretty tough life and has built up the biggest wall that no man can ever tear down.  We also meet Detective Ben Hunt, and yes he’s as hot and sexy as his name.  He has the most amazing blue eyes, an amazing body, and the most seductive smirk.   The sexual chemistry between these two is sizzling, it’s like melting the words off the page hot.   There are lots of secrets in both their pasts which do eventually come out, most of these were a complete surprise.     I enjoyed this book and look forward to the next one in the series.

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