Book Review / New Release

hot mess

Hot Mess (Hot Aussie Knight’s Book 1)
By: Amy Andrews
What an absolutely beautiful story this was. We meet Logan Knight in this book he’s a firefighter, the son of a firefighter, the grand son of a firefighter, he’s had a tough life he broke up with his girl 9 years ago but has never really forgotten her. Arabella (Bella) Tucker always wanted to be a Lawyer but after breaking up with Logan and years later being involved in a very serious accident she works for her father’s Law Firm as a Legal Clerk. Bella is in Brisbane for a court case and Logan instantly spots her. He goes over to talk to her but Bella doesn’t recongize him or have any memories of their time together. She has amnesia and several years of her life are missing. They start to spend time together, Logan hopes by doing this that Bella may remember him. Sadly she doesn’t but she can’t deny the intense feelings she develops very quickly for the amazing guy. When Bella discovers something from the past that was kept from her she finds it hard. Will she be able to move beyond this????? Will Logan and Bella get their happily ever after they both deserve. This was a fantastic book that I thoroughly enjoyed.

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