Book Review / New Release


Burning Both Ends (Hot Aussie Knights #2)
By: Sinclair Jayne
Released: 29 May 2017

This is the third book in the Hot Aussie Knight’s series that I’ve read and again I absolutely loved this book. We meet Darington (Dare) Knight she had a tough life. She was madly in love with her high school sweetheart who sadly died when she was a teenage. She’s a firefighter, yes it runs in her family and after the loss of a couple of people out of her unit her Commander suggests she come to Australia in an exchange program. She’s not too keen on this idea but as it turns out it allows her to attend her Grand fathers funeral. At her Grand fathers funeral, on her first night in Australia she hooks up with a sexy Aussie firefighter. This certainly helps put her in a better mood until she finds out that the hot sexy Aussie firefighter she hooks up with turns out to be her new station commander and he’s a stickler for sticking to rules.

Lachlan (Lock) Ryker is a hot sexy Aussie firefighter who is a senior officer at the Melbourne Metropolitan Fire Brigade. He goes to Brisbane to attend the Funeral of a Firefighter he has great respect for. The last thing he expected to happen was that he would meet this sexy, brash American at the funeral and hook up with her. Dare and Lock have the most amazing night together before Dare leaves early the next morning with out speaking to Lock. These two characters are shocked when they discover they are both going to be working at the same fire station. Lock has rules and he sticks by the rules. How on earth are these two who are so hot for each other going to survive this? Can one night of passion turn into a life time of passion? Will they make it to a second date? What happens when their past causes problems with their future? This was another great book that I literally devoured in a few hours…..


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