New Release / Book Review




Long Hot Summer (Hot Aussie Knights #3)
By Victoria Purman
Released 5 June 2017

What an absolutely beautiful book this was. It had all the emotions…. Love… hate… betrayal….. fear…… anger…… hurt….. I laughed, I cried….. I found it very emotional in places. I love reading books based in Australia and this was no exception…. The book was based around Reynolds Ridge, in the Hot Australian Summer, and these summers can be extremely HOT… Bushfires can be a real problem… We meet Hannie Reynolds she grew up in Reynolds Ridge and has decided to return to her home town as an adult. Dylan Knight, who’s a Firefighter, has also returned home and memories of his past return when he runs into Hannie. They both went to school together and had one brief moment together. With both of them back in their home town will it turn into second chances for both of them??? Will they be able to kindle their High School Love??? Will the long hot summer cause them more problems???? There were twists and turns and surprises in this book…… I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to read the other books in this series


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