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Can’t buy me love is one book I’ve been waiting for and I can tell you I absolutely loved it….. I literally devoured the book within a couple of hours…. It was that good……
This book follows the story of Mary Larkin, who works as the office manager at the Green Mountain Country Store and Patrick Murphy, who is Cameron’s dad. He comes into the store to visit Cameron, in You’ll be Mine and sparks instantly fly.
Mary and Patrick are so opposite……. Mary loves her quiet peaceful life in Butler, she works at the store, she looks after older town residents taking them to Church, she works in the soup kitchen. She’s had one major relationship in her life, where she thought she would marry the guy, but that didn’t happen. Patrick, who is Cameron’s Dad is a very successful sexy billionaire businessman. He lives in New York…. His wife, who was the love of his life died during child birth with Cameron and left Patrick to bring up their daughter on his own. He was so lost and had nanny’s help….. he fly’s around the country in his helicopter…… Mary get’s to spend some time with Patrick his daughters wedding. Patrick asks her to dance and it goes from there. They are both smitten with each other. They spend time together at the wedding…. The chat on the phone every day after they have met and can’t wait to see each other…. Patrick invites Mary, or Sweet Mary from Vermont as he likes to call her away for a weekend…… This book was such a great read… it was refreshing to read a romance story about an older couple…….. both Mary and Patrick keep their romance a secret …… Will Mary and Patrick find their happily ever after????? What will Cameron think when finds out about her fathers romance??????

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