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Something So Perfect
By Natasha Madison
Released 30 July 2017
This is the 2nd book by Natasha Madison that I’ve read and again I absolutely loved it and couldn’t put it down. In this book we follow the story of Matthew Grant, he’s an NHL player having been drafter as a first round pick at the age of seventeen and then went on to play in the first line as an eighteen year old. By the time he got to nineteen he was branded a bad boy. And by the time he got to twenty-one he had been cut from the team and living back at home with his mum and his step father who just happens to be the one and only Cooper Stone who’s the best person to have ever skated. An opportunity comes knocking and for him to play for another team. He had to prove that he’d changed and was no longer the bad boy. Enter Karrie, her father owns the team that has signed Matthew and he’s offered her a job as his chaperone which Karrie though this was a joke. Matthew arrives at the hotel of his new team and decides to hit the gym where he spots this stunning looking girl on the treadmill. He cannot believe how hot and sexy she is. When Matthew and Karrie meet in her fathers office she cannot believe how hot, sexy and arrogant this bad boy really is. What happens when these two start to spend time together? Will their attraction to each other cause more problems? Will love conquer all? Or will Matthew have problems and end up back home again? Karrie knows she should keep clear of him, but can she? There were surprising twists and turns in the book when I thoroughly enjoyed.

Book Review / New Release

loving kyle

Loving Kyle
By Kasey Millstead
Released 20 July 2017
Loving Kyle by Kasey Millstead is an absolutely beautiful story and a very emotional read. So I warn you know to get the tissues ready as you will need them. This book follow’s the story of Liv, she’s had a pretty tough life. She’s been dating a guy called Brant and gets all organised for a special meal to surprise Brant when he gets home, only he doesn’t make it home. She get’s a phone call and because of that her life is changed for ever. That was six years ago, she had also discovered she was pregnant, but sadly Brant would never learn he was going to become a father. Liv has spent the past years looking after her daughter Matilda. We meet Kyle, he happens to be Brant’s Brother and looks very much like him but is so different to him in other ways. From the first time Liv ever met Kyle she felt their was a spark there. Kyle has been honourably discharged from the army after five tours in Afghanistan. He’s now back in his home town and working as a Basic Combat Training Instructor. Kyle still has a lot of walls built up from his time in the Army. He starts spending a lot of time with Liv and Matilda. Can spending time with these girls help melt these walls of the big tough former army guy? Will love conquer all? I’m not usually a fan of Army type books, but I really enjoyed this book. Get your tissues ready as you will need them.

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hearts at seaside

Hearts at Seaside (Sweet with Heat: Seaside Summer #3)
By Addison Cole
Released 19 July 2017
Hearts at Seaside is one of the sweet series by Addison Cole. In this book we follow the story of Jenna Ward, she’s a smart, spontaneous, confident women but not when she’s around Pete Lacroux.
Pete is a handsome, sexy, quiet guy who Jenna lost her heart to years ago. Jenna’s spent years trying to get his attention to no avail.
Lately life has been tough for Pete, he’s the eldest of 5 children and since his mother has passed away his father has struggled. Pete’s a great guy and take care of his alcoholic father and that leaves no time for a relationship.
He loves summer in the Cape as that’s when his friends arrive and he’s looking forward to seeing Jemma, who he finds to be hot and sexy but also very shy around him.
So this year she’s decided it’s time to finally give up on Peter and find someone else. By doing this Jenna has finally got Pete’s attention. This ignites a jealousy in Pete and finally he’s unable to hide his attraction to Jemma.
With the problems in Pete’s life is he able to find the time for Jemma? Can Jemma handle the real Pete? Will the pressures of Pete’s father cause them problems? Will Jemma and Pete get their happily ever after that they both deserve?
If you like lovely sweet romance stories with twists and turns, minus the hot sex scenes then you will love this book as well as the other books in this sweet romance series by Addison Cole

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Bad Boss pic

Bad Boss
By Stella Rhys
Released 14 July 2017
This is the first book I’ve read by Stella Rhys and it definitely won’t be the last. It was a fantastic one and one I devoured very quickly. I just had to keep reading to see what was going to happen. The book starts with us meeting Sara, she’s having a bad day and quits her job, she decides to meet her BFF Lia at a rooftop bar for a few drinks and she has plans to pickup a hot guy for the night. Sara runs into Julian Hoult in the lift on the way up to meet Lia and he overhears her telephone conversation with Lia. Sara wants a one night stand and Julian offer his services. The sexual chemistry between these two is off the charts. They get interrupted before things can go to far and Sara takes off. A couple of weeks later Sara arranges to meet Lia and Lukas, her boyfriend, with Lia promising to introduce her to Lukas’s best mate, who turns out to be Julian.
Julian offers Sara a job, which she accepts. The interaction between these two characters at work is interesting to stay the least. Julian has rules at work which he won’t break, which includes not dateing or sleeping with his staff. How will these two handle this? Will the sexual tension win? Will Sara be able to complete the job she’s been employed for? This book included some very interesting twists and turns that I didn’t pick. This is a great read which I thoroughly enjoyed.
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Okay, maybe not. But it kinda does look like him 😂
Zac aside, HELLO, Aussie/NZ Commitment (Temptation #5) Harlequin Books Australia cover. RAWR! 😍

Sizzling power couple, Bryce and Alexis — from the Temptation novels — help bring sexy back to their friend’s lacklustre thirteen-year marriage.

Natasha Jones loves her life, her husband and their two young sons. She works hard both at home and as an Events Supervisor at City Towers. But when a relationship with her work colleague unexpectedly progresses, Tash begins to question whether or not her marriage has passed its ‘Use by’ date.
Dean Jones is a numbers man but has no idea that his number could be up where his marriage is concerned. Never one to really speak his mind, he has always opted to just go with the flow in order to keep his wife happy.
Passion, intimacy, and communication have taken a backseat to demanding careers, a mortgage, and family life, and it’s not until Tash and Dean stand to lose everything they have built together that the spark between them begins to flicker again.
And boy does it flicker …
and ignite …
and nearly burn the entire neighbourhood down!
Can Tash and Dean keep this newly lit flame alive and save their marriage? Or will temptation make the commitment seem too much to bear?

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Book Review / New Release


Carson – Bad Boys After Dark
By Melissa Foster
Released 11 July 2017
This is the next book in the After Dark Series by Melissa Foster. In this book we follow the story of Carson Bad, he’s the founder of a multimillion dollar international security business and his college best friend / secret lover Tawny Bishop. Things were going great for Carson and Tawny that is until one night at College when there was a knock on the door and both their worlds changed.
After a failed marriage Tawny is living in Paris and working as a perfumer but there’s something missing for her life and that’s Carson – the only man she’s ever loved and the one she ran away from all those years ago.
Tawny shows us unannounced at a big event that’s been organised by Carson’s family, she decided that she has been playing it safe for the past 10 years and now she wants to know once and for all if Carson is the only man for her. Carson is surprised when he sees her, but instantly takes her home with him after the hotel if booked out. Does 10 years apart make any differences to these two? Will they be able to get over the events of the past and have a future together? Will events of the past cause problems for the future. There was a few interesting twists in this story including one big one at the end that I didn’t see coming. Things are always a little hotter after dark……..