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hearts at seaside

Hearts at Seaside (Sweet with Heat: Seaside Summer #3)
By Addison Cole
Released 19 July 2017
Hearts at Seaside is one of the sweet series by Addison Cole. In this book we follow the story of Jenna Ward, she’s a smart, spontaneous, confident women but not when she’s around Pete Lacroux.
Pete is a handsome, sexy, quiet guy who Jenna lost her heart to years ago. Jenna’s spent years trying to get his attention to no avail.
Lately life has been tough for Pete, he’s the eldest of 5 children and since his mother has passed away his father has struggled. Pete’s a great guy and take care of his alcoholic father and that leaves no time for a relationship.
He loves summer in the Cape as that’s when his friends arrive and he’s looking forward to seeing Jemma, who he finds to be hot and sexy but also very shy around him.
So this year she’s decided it’s time to finally give up on Peter and find someone else. By doing this Jenna has finally got Pete’s attention. This ignites a jealousy in Pete and finally he’s unable to hide his attraction to Jemma.
With the problems in Pete’s life is he able to find the time for Jemma? Can Jemma handle the real Pete? Will the pressures of Pete’s father cause them problems? Will Jemma and Pete get their happily ever after that they both deserve?
If you like lovely sweet romance stories with twists and turns, minus the hot sex scenes then you will love this book as well as the other books in this sweet romance series by Addison Cole

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