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loving kyle

Loving Kyle
By Kasey Millstead
Released 20 July 2017
Loving Kyle by Kasey Millstead is an absolutely beautiful story and a very emotional read. So I warn you know to get the tissues ready as you will need them. This book follow’s the story of Liv, she’s had a pretty tough life. She’s been dating a guy called Brant and gets all organised for a special meal to surprise Brant when he gets home, only he doesn’t make it home. She get’s a phone call and because of that her life is changed for ever. That was six years ago, she had also discovered she was pregnant, but sadly Brant would never learn he was going to become a father. Liv has spent the past years looking after her daughter Matilda. We meet Kyle, he happens to be Brant’s Brother and looks very much like him but is so different to him in other ways. From the first time Liv ever met Kyle she felt their was a spark there. Kyle has been honourably discharged from the army after five tours in Afghanistan. He’s now back in his home town and working as a Basic Combat Training Instructor. Kyle still has a lot of walls built up from his time in the Army. He starts spending a lot of time with Liv and Matilda. Can spending time with these girls help melt these walls of the big tough former army guy? Will love conquer all? I’m not usually a fan of Army type books, but I really enjoyed this book. Get your tissues ready as you will need them.

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