Book Review / New Release


Something So Perfect
By Natasha Madison
Released 30 July 2017
This is the 2nd book by Natasha Madison that I’ve read and again I absolutely loved it and couldn’t put it down. In this book we follow the story of Matthew Grant, he’s an NHL player having been drafter as a first round pick at the age of seventeen and then went on to play in the first line as an eighteen year old. By the time he got to nineteen he was branded a bad boy. And by the time he got to twenty-one he had been cut from the team and living back at home with his mum and his step father who just happens to be the one and only Cooper Stone who’s the best person to have ever skated. An opportunity comes knocking and for him to play for another team. He had to prove that he’d changed and was no longer the bad boy. Enter Karrie, her father owns the team that has signed Matthew and he’s offered her a job as his chaperone which Karrie though this was a joke. Matthew arrives at the hotel of his new team and decides to hit the gym where he spots this stunning looking girl on the treadmill. He cannot believe how hot and sexy she is. When Matthew and Karrie meet in her fathers office she cannot believe how hot, sexy and arrogant this bad boy really is. What happens when these two start to spend time together? Will their attraction to each other cause more problems? Will love conquer all? Or will Matthew have problems and end up back home again? Karrie knows she should keep clear of him, but can she? There were surprising twists and turns in the book when I thoroughly enjoyed.

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