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Nineteen Letters

By: Jodi Perry

Released 29 August 2017

Nineteen Letters is a standalone book by Jodi Perry (also know as J L Perry) and this book is a real tear jerker. Within the fist few pages of this book I had tears running down my face. We meet Braxton and Jemma who originally meet as young children when Jemma’s family moves in next door, Braxton being 12 months older than Jemma. They become friends, they become best friends, they become lovers, they get married and nineteen day’s later tragedy strikes when Jemma is in a car accident, when she Nineteen Letters is a standalone book by Jodi Perry (also know as J L Perry) and this book is a real tear jerker. Within the fist few pages of this book I had tears running down my face. We meet Braxton and Jemma who originally meet as young children when Jemma’s family moves in next door, Braxton being 12 months older than Jemma. They become friends, they become best friends, they become lovers, they get married and nineteen day’s later tragedy strikes when Jemma is in a car accident, when she wakes from a coma she has no recollection of her who she is or her life. She was everything to Braxton, his sole mate, his best friend, his lover, the mother of his furture children, she was the reason he got up every day. How on earth is he going to survive now???? Poor Jemma I really felt for her, she wakes from the coma and has all these people around her but she has no idea who they are, she doesn’t recognise anyone, not her husband, her parents or her best friend. Braxton knows he won’t survive with his “wife” so he does everything he can to try and help her remember. He writes her letters, yes there are Nineteen of them and in each he tells her about particular special events in their life. Will these letters help her remember her past???? Will Jemma fall in love with her husband all over again??? Will Braxton lose Jemma for ever???? As Braxton tells her all time “What we had was far too beautiful to be forgotten”…. will she remember??? I’d advise you to have the tissues ready as you are going to need them. I have read and loved all of the other books written by JL Perry but this book is in a class of it’s own.



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In his custody

In His Custody (The Shaw Brothers 1)

By Fiona Archer

Released 25 August 2017


This is the third book I’ve read by Fiona Archer and she’s quickly becoming a one click author for me.     In this book we meet Mercy Jones, she’s an English Teacher who has sworn off men after her after a messy break up with her ex.   We also meet Detective Aidan Shaw, he’s a tough guy, he doesn’t trust anyone who is outside of his family or the cops he works with.   Aidan goes undercover, as a school teach trying to bust a high school drug network.   Aidan and Mercy meet and there is an instant attraction there, she awakens things in Aidan that he though he had buried long ago.   Mercy finds him to be dangerous and challenging but there is something about him that makes her want to risk her heart on him.   How will Mercy react when she discovers who Aidan really is?   Will the lies he’s told her cause major problems?   What happens when they catch the bad guys?   Or will love conquer all????   This is a fantastic read and one I thoroughly enjoyed.


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sunsets at seaside

Sunsets at Seaside
By Addison Cole
Released 23 August 2017
Sunsets at Seaside is Book 4 in the in the Sweet with Heart Series by Addison Cole. Cole is the ulterego of Melissa Foster who writes the hot sexy stuff. In this book we follow the story of Jessica Ayers, she’s lived a very sheltered life, she’s plays the Cello for the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Her life is cello lessons, practices and performances, there is no time in her life for anything else. She decides she needs a break and head to Wallfleet for a vacation where she is determined to make up for lost time. Jamie Reed is a regular at the Cape, he’s the owner of the second largest surch engine in the world. He’s a billionaire and he too needs a break and decides to spend it with his elderly Grandmother. From the first moment Jessica and Jamie meet the attraction is instant and sizzing hot. Jamie finds it hard to concentrate on anything else by Jessica, which she discovers a side to herself she didn’t know existed. Problems loom in Jamie’s business and this causes stress to their relationship. It has Jamie second guessing himself. Is Jessica the person she is portraying???? Will Jamies business go bust??? Will these problems tear them apart???? Or will it only make them stronger in the long run???? Will love conquer all.

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paris wedding

The Paris Wedding
By Charlotte Nash
Released 27 June 2017

This is the first book by Charlotte Nash that I’ve read and it certainly won’t be the last. This book follows the story of Rachael West who 10 years ago chose to stay at home and look after her seriously ill mother on the family wheat farm instead of following her high school sweetheart, Matthew to Sydney. By doing this she gave up on following her dreams. Now 10 years later, Rachael’s mother has sadly passed away and she’s living on the farm by herself, and Matthew is marrying someone else. Rachael get’s an invitation to the Wedding which included an all expenses paid trip to Paris. It’s going to be a big lavish affair and Rachael isn’t sure if she should go or not. Eventually she decides to go on what will be a trip of a lifetime. Rachael is totally unprepared for what this week in Paris will bring. Will seeing Matthew again bring up all the old feelings??? Will Rachael meet a tall dark stranger who will become the man of her dreams???? Will Rachael return to the farm broken hearted???? Will all of Rachael’s dreams come true????? Will love conquer all??? I actually listened to the Audio of this book and thoroughly enjoyed it…. There were twists and turns and the story certainly did not turn out how I expected it to.



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The Forbidden

By Jodi Ellen Malpas

Released 8 August 2017


The is a new stand alone book by Jodi Ellen Malpas and it’s nothing like any of her other books.   It’s such an emotional read.   This book follows the story of Annie, she’s an architect and she’s never experienced that massive “spark” when she meets a guy.   She head out with some friends and see this guy, the chemistry is instant and basically renders her weak at her knees.   Enter Jack, he’s hot, he’s sexy, he’s mysterious and he’s forbidden.   When they meat it’s not just a little spark, it’s a total explosion with Jack promising Annie the best night of her life that he would dearly love to deliver.   Annie is absolutely and totally overwhelmed by this night and before Jack wakes up she slips out of the hotel room thinking she will never see him again.   Little does she know who he really is???   He’s already taken…..   What happens when they run into each other again???   What happens when Annie finds out who Jack really is???   He’s forbidden????   But is he??????   What will happen when they are forced to spend more time together???   This is an absolutely fantastic book, one which I thoroughly enjoyed.   And as I said earlier so totally different to all other JEM books.


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By: KM Golland
Released 21st August 2017
Commitment is Book #5 in KM Gollands Temptation Series. I have to admit this is one of my favourite series and I was so glad to go back and spend some time with my friends at City Towers. We have previously met Natasha Jones (Tash) in Book 1 as she is good friends with Alexis who is now married to City Towers owner Bryce Clarke. Tash has a great life which she loves, she been married to Dean for what seems like forever and has two wonder young sons. She works as the Events Supervisor at City Towers. When Tash’s relationship with her co-worker Dean, who works in Security at City Towers, progresses it starts to make Tash think about her marriage and if it’s all she thought it really was. Dean is a relaxed and fairly easy going sort of guy, he never really speaks his mind and really just goes with the flow in order to keep his wife happy. He has no idea that his marriage could be in trouble. Again with this book we see Ms Golland’s sense of humour show through. There were times while reading this that I literally laughed out loud. Donuts, Donuts, Donuts. There are lots of funny lines and new words I like to call “KM Words”. There were twists and turns and I literally didn’t know what was going to happen with this couple. I thought I knew, but was totally blown out of the water with what happened. This is another fantastic read that I would highly recommend.
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swept into love

****** BOOK REVIEW ********


Swept Into Love – Gage Ryder (Love in Bloom – The Ryders Book 5)

By Melissa Foster

Released 16 August 2017



Swept Into Love is Book 5 in the Ryder series. In this book we follow the story of Sally Tuft and her best friend Gage Ryder.      Sally’s had a tough life, her husband died leaving her all alone to raise her teenage son.   He’s now left home for college which has left Sally with time for other things, she’s always had more feeling for her best friend and co-worker Gage who is a great friend and mentor to her son but doesn’t want to spoil the friendship.   Gage has always been there for Sally and her son and hopes one day Sally would move past her husbands death and finally want to explore a more passionate relationship with him.   Sally and Gage head to Oak Falls for the opening of a New Youth Center for work and Gage hopes that the trip away together is what they need and will finally get them together. They spend time together at a conference before they head to Oak Falls and that changes everything.   Will love conquer all?     How will everyone feel when they discover what has really happened between them?   How will Sally’s son react?   There were several twists and turns in this book that were pleasant surprises.   This was another fantastic book by Ms Foster that I really enjoyed.