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swept into love

****** BOOK REVIEW ********


Swept Into Love – Gage Ryder (Love in Bloom – The Ryders Book 5)

By Melissa Foster

Released 16 August 2017



Swept Into Love is Book 5 in the Ryder series. In this book we follow the story of Sally Tuft and her best friend Gage Ryder.      Sally’s had a tough life, her husband died leaving her all alone to raise her teenage son.   He’s now left home for college which has left Sally with time for other things, she’s always had more feeling for her best friend and co-worker Gage who is a great friend and mentor to her son but doesn’t want to spoil the friendship.   Gage has always been there for Sally and her son and hopes one day Sally would move past her husbands death and finally want to explore a more passionate relationship with him.   Sally and Gage head to Oak Falls for the opening of a New Youth Center for work and Gage hopes that the trip away together is what they need and will finally get them together. They spend time together at a conference before they head to Oak Falls and that changes everything.   Will love conquer all?     How will everyone feel when they discover what has really happened between them?   How will Sally’s son react?   There were several twists and turns in this book that were pleasant surprises.   This was another fantastic book by Ms Foster that I really enjoyed.







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