Book Review

paris wedding

The Paris Wedding
By Charlotte Nash
Released 27 June 2017

This is the first book by Charlotte Nash that I’ve read and it certainly won’t be the last. This book follows the story of Rachael West who 10 years ago chose to stay at home and look after her seriously ill mother on the family wheat farm instead of following her high school sweetheart, Matthew to Sydney. By doing this she gave up on following her dreams. Now 10 years later, Rachael’s mother has sadly passed away and she’s living on the farm by herself, and Matthew is marrying someone else. Rachael get’s an invitation to the Wedding which included an all expenses paid trip to Paris. It’s going to be a big lavish affair and Rachael isn’t sure if she should go or not. Eventually she decides to go on what will be a trip of a lifetime. Rachael is totally unprepared for what this week in Paris will bring. Will seeing Matthew again bring up all the old feelings??? Will Rachael meet a tall dark stranger who will become the man of her dreams???? Will Rachael return to the farm broken hearted???? Will all of Rachael’s dreams come true????? Will love conquer all??? I actually listened to the Audio of this book and thoroughly enjoyed it…. There were twists and turns and the story certainly did not turn out how I expected it to.



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