Book Review / New Release


The Forbidden

By Jodi Ellen Malpas

Released 8 August 2017


The is a new stand alone book by Jodi Ellen Malpas and it’s nothing like any of her other books.   It’s such an emotional read.   This book follows the story of Annie, she’s an architect and she’s never experienced that massive “spark” when she meets a guy.   She head out with some friends and see this guy, the chemistry is instant and basically renders her weak at her knees.   Enter Jack, he’s hot, he’s sexy, he’s mysterious and he’s forbidden.   When they meat it’s not just a little spark, it’s a total explosion with Jack promising Annie the best night of her life that he would dearly love to deliver.   Annie is absolutely and totally overwhelmed by this night and before Jack wakes up she slips out of the hotel room thinking she will never see him again.   Little does she know who he really is???   He’s already taken…..   What happens when they run into each other again???   What happens when Annie finds out who Jack really is???   He’s forbidden????   But is he??????   What will happen when they are forced to spend more time together???   This is an absolutely fantastic book, one which I thoroughly enjoyed.   And as I said earlier so totally different to all other JEM books.


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