New Release / Book Review

By: KM Golland
Released 21st August 2017
Commitment is Book #5 in KM Gollands Temptation Series. I have to admit this is one of my favourite series and I was so glad to go back and spend some time with my friends at City Towers. We have previously met Natasha Jones (Tash) in Book 1 as she is good friends with Alexis who is now married to City Towers owner Bryce Clarke. Tash has a great life which she loves, she been married to Dean for what seems like forever and has two wonder young sons. She works as the Events Supervisor at City Towers. When Tash’s relationship with her co-worker Dean, who works in Security at City Towers, progresses it starts to make Tash think about her marriage and if it’s all she thought it really was. Dean is a relaxed and fairly easy going sort of guy, he never really speaks his mind and really just goes with the flow in order to keep his wife happy. He has no idea that his marriage could be in trouble. Again with this book we see Ms Golland’s sense of humour show through. There were times while reading this that I literally laughed out loud. Donuts, Donuts, Donuts. There are lots of funny lines and new words I like to call “KM Words”. There were twists and turns and I literally didn’t know what was going to happen with this couple. I thought I knew, but was totally blown out of the water with what happened. This is another fantastic read that I would highly recommend.
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