Book Review / New Release

sunsets at seaside

Sunsets at Seaside
By Addison Cole
Released 23 August 2017
Sunsets at Seaside is Book 4 in the in the Sweet with Heart Series by Addison Cole. Cole is the ulterego of Melissa Foster who writes the hot sexy stuff. In this book we follow the story of Jessica Ayers, she’s lived a very sheltered life, she’s plays the Cello for the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Her life is cello lessons, practices and performances, there is no time in her life for anything else. She decides she needs a break and head to Wallfleet for a vacation where she is determined to make up for lost time. Jamie Reed is a regular at the Cape, he’s the owner of the second largest surch engine in the world. He’s a billionaire and he too needs a break and decides to spend it with his elderly Grandmother. From the first moment Jessica and Jamie meet the attraction is instant and sizzing hot. Jamie finds it hard to concentrate on anything else by Jessica, which she discovers a side to herself she didn’t know existed. Problems loom in Jamie’s business and this causes stress to their relationship. It has Jamie second guessing himself. Is Jessica the person she is portraying???? Will Jamies business go bust??? Will these problems tear them apart???? Or will it only make them stronger in the long run???? Will love conquer all.

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