Book Review / New Release

In his custody

In His Custody (The Shaw Brothers 1)

By Fiona Archer

Released 25 August 2017


This is the third book I’ve read by Fiona Archer and she’s quickly becoming a one click author for me.     In this book we meet Mercy Jones, she’s an English Teacher who has sworn off men after her after a messy break up with her ex.   We also meet Detective Aidan Shaw, he’s a tough guy, he doesn’t trust anyone who is outside of his family or the cops he works with.   Aidan goes undercover, as a school teach trying to bust a high school drug network.   Aidan and Mercy meet and there is an instant attraction there, she awakens things in Aidan that he though he had buried long ago.   Mercy finds him to be dangerous and challenging but there is something about him that makes her want to risk her heart on him.   How will Mercy react when she discovers who Aidan really is?   Will the lies he’s told her cause major problems?   What happens when they catch the bad guys?   Or will love conquer all????   This is a fantastic read and one I thoroughly enjoyed.


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