New Release / Book Review


Rock Me
By Rebecca Brooke
Released 21 September 2017

This is the first book I’ve read by Rebecca Brooke and it won’t be the last. This book was about a girl who had a really tough time at school because of bullies. It follows the story of Mari Cosmann, who is a singer and she helps out her best friend Sawyer by being the lead singer in his band. She’s not overly keen on being the centre of attention, but finds she really enjoys this job. We meet Cole Wallace, he was going to be an NFL Star until an injury put that dream out of reach and he became a School Teacher. Cole is happy and content with his life and one night a mate takes him out and they see a band play. Cole hears the lead singers voice and he’s totally taken with her, he want to get to know her, wants to spend time with her, she’s everything he wants. Cole cannot understand why Mari isn’t too keen, he is after all a very good looking bloke. It turns out that Cole and his mates were the reason why Mari’s life at high school was such a total nightmare. Mari know’s who he is….. Cole hasn’t worked out who she is……. What happens when he does???? Will Mari give him a chance???? There is lots of love, heartbreak, drama and sadness in this book. I’m a fan of rockstar books and I thoroughly enjoyed this one.
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