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Secrets at Seaside
By Addison Cole
Released 25 October 2017
I’ve loved all the books in this series by Addison Cole so far and this book, Secrets at Seaside is no exception. We follow the story of Tony Black, he’s a hot sexy surfer and Amy Maples. They have been friends for a long time and spend their summers at Cape Cod with their friends. They had a brief fling 14 years ago but due to a devastating accident they went their separate ways, although they both continued to love each other.
Amy has spent years trying to reclaim Tony’s heart and she’s decided that she’s finally going to make a play for Tony and that he will finally be hers. I love that fact that we get to visit with our other favourite friends from the Cape too. There are twists and turns in this book. Can Tony and Amy get over the problems from the past and have the future together that they deserve? This is another beautiful book by Ms Cole and one that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Book Review / New Release


Accidental Man Whore

By Katherine Stevens

Released 10th October 2017

This is the first book I’ve read by Ms Stevens and I must say I found it very enjoyable.   Yeah I admit it was the name that got my attention.   This book follows the story of Benjamin Wright, he works in his own business where he supplies plants to offices.   So I guess you could say he’s the plant man.   His dad becomes ill and he needs money quickly to help pay for his medical bills.   That’s how he becomes and Escort, well he isn’t really an Escort, but then again maybe he is???   All he wanted to do was make some extra money to help his dad out, although his dad thinks he’s selling drugs and would like some to help him with his pain. Ben insists to his dad that he’s not selling drugs.

We meet Miryam Wexler, she’s a lawyer and happily engaged to her fiancé David and busy planning her wedding, that is until she catches him cheating and get’s dumped just before her wedding.   She’s had a tough life and was bought up by her grandmother, or Bubbie as she calls her.   Miryam doesn’t want to upset her Bubbie so she hires Ben to pretend to be David the fiancé.   Luckily Bubbie is blind and can’t see.

He needs money…. She needs a fake fiancé…… and they seem to hate each other……..     Twists and turns and lots of fun times was had in this book.   I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to reading more books by Katherine Stevens.


Book Review

fire and love

Fire and Love

Hope Falls #13

By Melanie Shawn

Fire and Love is part of the Hope Falls series but can be read as a standalone.   It’s been a while since I’ve read a Melanie Shawn book but I saw this one and thought why not.     I certainly wasn’t disappointed. I literally sat and read this book within a few hours.   Yes it was that good.   In this book we follow the story of Mackenzie Sutton and Eli Bishop who were friends as children but due to a miss understanding they grew apart when they got older.   Their futures were all set, Mackenzie was going to be a film maker and Eli was going to be a fire fighter, they were going to get married and live happily every after with their couple of kids, a white picket fence and a dog.   But that didn’t happen.

Several years later Mackenzie is an award winning documentary film maker, she’s put her past behind her but now that she has to return to her home town to film a documentary on a boxer on the comeback after cancer she’s ;forced to see her former flame Eli.

Eli had achieved his goal of being a fire fighter, he’s your typical hot sexy fire fire fighter who spends his day’s saving people but as far as he is concerned he lost everything the day he walked away from Mackenzie all those years ago.

What will happen when there two are forced to spend time together????   Will the feelings they had for each other years ago still be there????   Or will they hate each other?????

There were twists and turns in the book the I did not see coming.   I love it when a book surprises me like that.     Will fate give them the second chance they both deserve.


Book Review / New Release

Love profound


Love Profound

Book 2 Cowboys & Angels Series

By Kelly Elliott

Released 21 September 2017

Love Profound is the 2nd book in the Cowboys & Angels series by Kelly Elliott.   I loved the first book in the series and couldn’t wait to get my hands on this 2nd book. In this book we follow the story of Amelia who is the baby sister of Steed who we met in the first book.   Amelia Parker is an author, she writes romance and prefers the romance in her books to real life as she’s been hurt in a previous relationship.   We meet Wade, he’s a friend of Trevor Parker, Amelia’s brother, he’s had a really tough life with members of his family being killed in an accident, which he blames himself for.   Trevor and Wade went to school together and Trevor offers him a job on the family farm.   When Wade and Amelia meet sparks fly.   Wade is a great character, he’s hot, he’s sexy, he’s vulnerable and he’s just so adorable. I loved how he was so sweet with Trevor’s niece Chloe – dancing with her was just adorable.   And singing – wow what a voice this guy has.   The banter between Amelia and Wade was amazing. This book had me hooked very quickly and I just couldn’t put it down.   I cannot wait for the next book in the series to see what happens with other members of the Parker family. I also love the fact that characters we met in a previous book are back again.


Book Review / New Release

Thrill of love

Thrill of Love
By Melissa Foster
Released 4 October 2017
I’m a huge fan of Melissa Foster’s books and each time I read one I seem to love it more than the last. This book was certainly no exception, I loved it but I also found it one of the most emotional books I have read in the past couple of years. This book follows the love story of Ty Braden and Aiyla Bell. Ty is a mountain climber and photographer and he’s into one night stands, he never believed in having a second date and certainly not in the happy ever after that is until he meets Aiyla on a trip to Saint-Luc, he finds her funny, sexy and entrancingly beautiful. She’s a ski instructor and fellow photographer. They spend 5 magical days together and Aiyla can’t imagine spending another day without Ty, he asks her to go with him on his next assignment but he has a reputation of a ladies man and she’s not sure she can give up the life she has created for herself. They don’t swap phone numbers or emails and promise not to look each other up. They decide to let fate decide their future. Months later fate does set in and they run into each other at an event in the Colorado Mountains. They spend the five days together and decide that yes fate has stepped in and their were both miserable without each other so they decide to spend time together and see how it goes. After the event they return to Ty’s family home and sadly a major event happens which could totally tear them apart. How will they react to this???? Will this tragedy bring them together???? Or tear them apart????? I must admit this is one of the most emotional books that I’ve read in the past couple of years. The end result was definitely not something I saw coming.

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Puck Love
By Carmen Jenner
Released 3 October 2017
I have read most of the other books written by Carmen Jenner and I have to say this is my absolute favourite. We meet Stella Hart, who has been Nashville’s darling for the past 10 years. She is adorable, she’s sweet and the perfect role model for young teenage girls. She lives a pure life. Everyone want to meet her, women want to be her and everyone wants her. Sadly Stella has had enough of this crazy life and wants a break.
Enter Van Ross, he’s NHL’s bad boy and the center for the Calgary Crushers. He has a bad reputation, but lives for 2 things – the game and his little brother. Van and his brother come across Stella on their way home and they take her to their house in the Canadian Rockies to hide away.
The book follows the story of Van and Stella and what happens while she’s staying at his place. There are surprises and shocks that I didn’t see coming. The chemistry between these two is off the charts. What will happen when the world discover Stella’s hideaway with Van???? Will fame cost them everything???? Will love conquer all???? As I said earlier this is an absolute fantastic story which I can’t wait to read again….
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