Book Review

fire and love

Fire and Love

Hope Falls #13

By Melanie Shawn

Fire and Love is part of the Hope Falls series but can be read as a standalone.   It’s been a while since I’ve read a Melanie Shawn book but I saw this one and thought why not.     I certainly wasn’t disappointed. I literally sat and read this book within a few hours.   Yes it was that good.   In this book we follow the story of Mackenzie Sutton and Eli Bishop who were friends as children but due to a miss understanding they grew apart when they got older.   Their futures were all set, Mackenzie was going to be a film maker and Eli was going to be a fire fighter, they were going to get married and live happily every after with their couple of kids, a white picket fence and a dog.   But that didn’t happen.

Several years later Mackenzie is an award winning documentary film maker, she’s put her past behind her but now that she has to return to her home town to film a documentary on a boxer on the comeback after cancer she’s ;forced to see her former flame Eli.

Eli had achieved his goal of being a fire fighter, he’s your typical hot sexy fire fire fighter who spends his day’s saving people but as far as he is concerned he lost everything the day he walked away from Mackenzie all those years ago.

What will happen when there two are forced to spend time together????   Will the feelings they had for each other years ago still be there????   Or will they hate each other?????

There were twists and turns in the book the I did not see coming.   I love it when a book surprises me like that.     Will fate give them the second chance they both deserve.


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