Book Review / New Release


Accidental Man Whore

By Katherine Stevens

Released 10th October 2017

This is the first book I’ve read by Ms Stevens and I must say I found it very enjoyable.   Yeah I admit it was the name that got my attention.   This book follows the story of Benjamin Wright, he works in his own business where he supplies plants to offices.   So I guess you could say he’s the plant man.   His dad becomes ill and he needs money quickly to help pay for his medical bills.   That’s how he becomes and Escort, well he isn’t really an Escort, but then again maybe he is???   All he wanted to do was make some extra money to help his dad out, although his dad thinks he’s selling drugs and would like some to help him with his pain. Ben insists to his dad that he’s not selling drugs.

We meet Miryam Wexler, she’s a lawyer and happily engaged to her fiancé David and busy planning her wedding, that is until she catches him cheating and get’s dumped just before her wedding.   She’s had a tough life and was bought up by her grandmother, or Bubbie as she calls her.   Miryam doesn’t want to upset her Bubbie so she hires Ben to pretend to be David the fiancé.   Luckily Bubbie is blind and can’t see.

He needs money…. She needs a fake fiancé…… and they seem to hate each other……..     Twists and turns and lots of fun times was had in this book.   I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to reading more books by Katherine Stevens.


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