Book Review / New Release


Secrets at Seaside
By Addison Cole
Released 25 October 2017
I’ve loved all the books in this series by Addison Cole so far and this book, Secrets at Seaside is no exception. We follow the story of Tony Black, he’s a hot sexy surfer and Amy Maples. They have been friends for a long time and spend their summers at Cape Cod with their friends. They had a brief fling 14 years ago but due to a devastating accident they went their separate ways, although they both continued to love each other.
Amy has spent years trying to reclaim Tony’s heart and she’s decided that she’s finally going to make a play for Tony and that he will finally be hers. I love that fact that we get to visit with our other favourite friends from the Cape too. There are twists and turns in this book. Can Tony and Amy get over the problems from the past and have the future together that they deserve? This is another beautiful book by Ms Cole and one that I thoroughly enjoyed.

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