Book Review


Passion on the Pitch

By Maya Hughes

This is one of the first books by Maya Hughes that I’ve read and I absolutely loved it.   I couldn’t get enough and have since read 3 other books of hers.   In this book we meet Jess Montgomery, she works as an Actuary and all about following the rules.   She heads out one night to meet her friends at a bar and because of other reasons they don’t show up.   After an ultacation at the bar, where she stands up for someone she meets a green eyed Irishman who literally blows her mind.   Aedan O’Connell is an Irishman, he’s a football (soccer) star and has come to American for a break during the off season.   He’s sick and tired of people treating special because of who he is, he never knows if someone is interested in him as a person or him because of what he does.   When he spots Jess in the bar he is totally smitten.   After chatting for a while they share one night of passion. He’s only in America for a couple of weeks and Jess decides why not spend some time with him.

Jess has no idea who he is?????   What happens when she finds out?????   Can he convince her to keep their romance alive when he heads back home?????     This was a great story with lots of twists and turns.   I thoroughly enjoyed it and would highly recommend it……     It can be read as a standalone.



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