Book Review


Fortune (Not Like the Moves Book 2)

by Lauren K. McKellar

Although this book is part of the Not Like the Movies Series it can be read as a stand alone.   This book follows the story of Grace Storey, who we previously met in the Ms McKellar’s book The Vine.     Grace can’t wait to leave the family winery and escape the small town for the big city where she expecting to find work, better cell phone service and her Prince Charming.   The guy she fell in love with at high school turned out to be a psychopath and the only other guy in town being Creepy Keith, her options are very limited. Enter Darcy Fortune, he’s your typical bad boy rocker and has 3 things on his mind, Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll.   That’s how he lives, it’s his way to protect himself from pain, which he has previously experienced.   The last thing Grace needs in her life is a bad boy rocker. The last thing Darcy needs is a sassy journalist.   Sparks fly when these two meet.   How will they both handle it???   Will Grace be able to break through the tough exterior of Darcy??? Will Darcy be able to show Grace he isn’t as bad as his reputation????   This was a fantastic book that I thoroughly enjoyed. Twists and turns that I didn’t expect made it even more enjoyable. It was also great to get to visit old friends from previous books of Ms Mc Keller.



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