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mr control

Wow just wow, this book was amazing. I’ve only discovered Maya Hughes in the past month or so and her books have now become an automatic oneclick for me. In this book we meet Melanie, she’s had a tough life, she works as a waitress in a café, she rents a room with one of her friends but has problems with the friends boyfriend who often stays. Rhys Thayer, he’s a Billionaire , after being widowed his beautiful little girl Esme is his life. He would do anything for her. Sadly Esme hasn’t spoken to anyone but her Dad since her mothers death. Esme goes missing and Rhys is oh so close to losing it. Melanie is having a bad day, one of her customers runs out without paying and that means she has to cover the bill, so she runs off after him only to fall over an hurt herself. She makes her way back to work, via the atm where she tries to take money out of her account to pay the bill only to find her account empty. Esme find Melanie at the bank and offer’s her her handkerchief as she can see she’s hurt. Melanie wonders where this little girl has come from, she looks around and can’t find any parents looking for her so decides the best thing to do is take Esme back to the café with her and hope she can find her parents. Mel gives her the best hot chocolate. Rhys is relieved when Esma turns up safe and sound with a cute and sexy little waitress and is about to give her a reward for finding his daughter when Esme speaks to Mel. Rhy is totally shocked. It may have only been a simple “thank you” but it was words and she had spoken them to someone else. Rhys decides to offer Mel a job as nanny to Esme. There are sparks between these two but Rhys knows that Melanie is off limits – she’s there for his daughter and not him. There are twists and turns and several surprising events in this story. I absolutely loved it.

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