New Release / Book Review

second best

This is the first book that I’ve read by Noelle Adams and it certainly won’t be the last.   I absolutely loved it.     In this book we meet a girl called Ashley, she’s madly in love with a guy from her work called John Cooper, sadly John doesn’t know she exists.   She meets Sean Doyle, he’s a hot sexy guy, but definitely not your commitment type of guy.   They make a deal.   They meet every 2nd Wednesday night at a hotel down town. They have no dates. They have no communication between their fortnightly meetings.   They make no other commitments. There are no heart or flower. It’s just meeting fortnightly for a night of “passion”.   Ash know’s about Sean’s past and why he only has this type of relationship. It suits her fine.   She know’s she his second best.   Can she ever become his best?   What happens when John Cooper finally notices her?   How will Ashley react?   How will Sean react?   Will second best be best after all?   This was a lovely story with a few suprising events.



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