Book Review / New Release


Love, Love, Love, Love Loved this book. Like a lot of other people reading the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy got me back into reading after several years of not reading and for that I thank EL James.     Now being able to read these books from Christian’s POV is great. It finally gives you the full story from both sides. I literally read this book within a couple of days and loved it. I cannot wait for the Freed to be in Christian’s POV as well. Reading the original books we got to see everything from Ana’s POV which was lovely, but we never really knew what Christian was thinking. I must say now that we are getting his POV it’s making me think differently of him. I liked his character originally but though he was a little “cold” but now I know what he was thinking, and what he was feeling I’m now loving his character. I can now understand why he is the way he is. Bring on Freed, I can’t wait to read that from his POV. If you are a Fifty Shades Fan you really need to read both POV’s to get the full picture.  



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