Book Review / New Release

only for you

This is another great read by Melissa Foster. We meet single mom Bridgette Dalton, she’s had a tough life, her husband dies in a car accident when her child, Louie is only a few months old so he decides to move back to Sweetwater near her family. Enter Bodhi Booker, he is a ruggedly handsome guy and he moves in next door to Bridgette. He’s there to fixup the house for his mom to move into.   There is fireworks like New years eve when these two are together.   Bodhi, because of his job is a little cold and switched off when it comes to women, he doesn’t want to start a relationship incase he goes off on his next mission and doesn’t come home.   He doesn’t want to leave a women behind and especially Bridgette and her son Louie who he’s fallen madly in love with.   The characters in this story were believable and I had tears in my eyes in the last few chapters not knowing what was going to happen. Yeah yeah I’m a sucker for a HEA and I just didn’t know if this was on the cards for these two or not.     It was definitely worth the read to find out.


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