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**** BOOK REVIEW *******

Stud in the Stacks

By Pippa Grant

This is my first book read of 2018 and first book I’ve read by Pippa Grant.   It was a fun and lovely read which I really enjoyed.   We meet Knox Moretti, he’s a librarian and also a very popular romance blogger known as Mr Romance. He attends a charity auction, wearing his Tarzan Loincloth, and is immediately attracted to the stunning women who bids $50,000 for a date with him, sadly she is immediately outbid by another women wo pays $100,000 to win the Auction.   Parker Elliot attend a bachelor auction inn the hope of winning a hot guy to be her fake fiancé and attend her high school reunion.   She bribed her boss to give her $50,000 which she thinks will be enough. Sadly she’s outbid on “Tarzan”.


When it comes to women Knox knows exactly what they want. He’s worked in a library for years, read thousands of Romance books. Every morning when the library opens there is queues around the block, unfortunately this hasn’t helped Knox, he’s made a few bad decisions and now his reputation has put his job in danger.   Parker needs a man to pretend to be her fiancé and attend her high school reunion.   Can Knox and Parker help each other???   Will their friendship turn into more???     This was a great first read for the year and one I thoroughly enjoyed.







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