New Release / Book Review


Authors: K.I. Lynn & Olivia Kelley
What an absolutely fantastic read this book is. I literally devoured it within a day, I simply couldn’t put it down. We meet Everly, she’s been living in California for the past 10 years and after some major drama with her boyfriend she packs up and decides to head back home to Boston. She’s missed her family and friends and can’t wait to get back to them. She arranges with her brother Cameron that he will pick her up at the airport when she arrives. Unfortunately he gets called into work and asks his best mate Niko to collect Everly. He’s happy to help his best mate out, he remembers Everly as the geeky teenage girl who had a massive crush on him and useto follow him and Cameron around. Little does Niko know but Everly is no longer the geeky ugly duckling he remembers but is now the most stunning women. Niko has a great life, he loves his job as a fireman, has amazing friends and family. He’s hot and hunky and has no problem picking up girls, but only for the night, which he always lets them know. This books has lies, decipt, twists and turns. What happens when Niko finds out who Everly is? Will Everly’s teenage crush turn into the romance of her lifetime??? What will Cameron think of this??? This was a fantastic book they I thoroughly enjoyed and would highly recommend.

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