Book Review / New Release

hey whiskey

Hey Whiskey By: Kaylee Ryan


This is my first Kaylee Ryan book and I absolutely loved it.   We follow the story of Rhett and Saylor.   Saylor’s had a tough life, her parents died when she was you and she ended up in foster care, different house after different house until she was finally taken in by Elaine (finally a character with a great name 😊)   A few sad things happen Elaine passes away and Saylor finds out the love of her life, who she thought she would marry and have kids with, is infact going to marry someone else.     She’s left with nothing, no place to live and no job because she works at the same place as they do.   Rhett has had a very privledged life and has a great family, he works at his family brewery but always loved spending time with his Grand Father in West Virginia who runs the family Whiskey Distillery.   It been many years since Rhett spent time in West Virginia but when his Grand Father becomes sick he moves back to run the place.   The last thing he expected to happen when he visited his best mate, who runs one of the local bars was to meet the most stunning women in his life.   We have some twists and turns in this book. And what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.   One night changed it all.   I absolutely loved both these characters and can’t wait to read another book by this author.











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