Book Review / New Release

bayside passions

Bayside Passions

By: Melissa Foster

This is another beautiful book by Melissa Foster.   We follow the story of Emery Andrews. Her best friend Desiree falls in love, moves away and opens an inn leaving Emery feeling that something is missing.   She visits Desiree on holidays and meets Dean Master.   Dean is hot, sexy, and such an amazing guy. After Emery returns home she starts taking to Dean and overtime they start flirting and develop an amazing friendship. Several months later Emery finally takes a job at Desiree’s Inn to teach yoga.   This could be interesting, it gives Emery the chance to spend more time with her BFF who she has missed terribly and also spend time with her “close” friend Dean. Dean is so excited that Emery is moving closer and wants to spend more time with Emery and hopefully move from friends to lovers.   There are lots of twists and turns, which is what I’d expect from Ms Foster.   What happens when Emery wakes up and finds a naked man in the house she’s shares????  How will Dean react to this?????   Can Emery help Dean with the problems he has with his family????     Will love conquer all?????   Will Emery finally decide to give Dean a chance????


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