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Driving Whiskey Wild

The Whiskey’s #3

By: Melissa Foster

I have to start by saying that I was so happy to be able to spend some more time with the Whiskey Family and their friends from the Dark Knight’s Motorcycle Club.   Bullet Whiskey is ex Special Forces, he’s a member of the Dark Knights, he spends more hours running the family’s bar – Whiskey Bros which leaves him very little time for anything else in his life. He think’s it’s his life’s mission to be the protector of his family and their bar.   He met Finlay Wilson at a family wedding and found her interesting, she’s sweet, she’s innocent and absolutely nothing like him, or is she???   Bullet’s sister hires her to help expand the bar by offering food.     Bullet isn’t too impressed with the idea, not because he doesn’t want her there, not because he doesn’t think she can help improve the place, because he thinks she’s sweet and innocent and being around the rough tough Dark Knight’s can be a little intimidating.

Finlay’s life has been tough, her boyfriend died, and her father so she’s decided to move back to her hometown to be closer to other members of her family.   She wants to get her Catering business off the ground so when Dixie offers her a job at Whiskey Bros she wants to take it, even having to work and spend time with Bullet who she thinks is a big bruff arrogant bike riding man.   How will this work out????   Finlay is afraid of dogs….. Bullet has a dog called Tinkerbell, yes you read that right, the big bruff Bullet has a dog called Tinkerbell.   Passions ignite between these two. There are a few surprising aspects in this book that I didn’t see coming.   I loved spending more time with the Whiskey’s and their friends and can’t wait to spend more time with them.


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fix my fall

Fix My Fall

(The Fix Series Book 3)

By: Carey Heywood

This is the first book I’ve read by Carey Heywood and although it’s the third book in the series it can be read as a standalone.   I absolutely loved this book, I couldn’t get enough of the characters and have now downloaded book 1 and 2 to read as I want to know about other family members stories of how they got together too.   This book follow the story of Abby Thompson. She’s had an interesting life, he love life is a disaster, she has a job as a Realter which she loves, everyone around her is falling in love except her and to make matters even worse a sink hole appears and she becomes homeless.     Spencer Hill returns home after years away, he’s your typical nerd, he’s into science, he wasn’t very popular at school.  It’s Abby’s job help Spencer find a house, he’s currently living in the basement of his parents house and that isn’t working out too well.   Abby remembers Spencer from school as the nerd but can’t believe it when she meets with him, he’s filled out, he’s tall, his handsome, he’s got a rocking body and his one HOT Professor.     If Abby is honest with herself she always had the hots for Spencer but when she see’s him now she is totally smitten.   Spencer also found Abby to be cute, when they were kids he spent a lot of time at Abby’s house tutoring her brother.   What happens when these two spend time together???? Will sparks fly????   Will Abby be able to find him the house of his dreams????   The characters in this book was very believable and I absolutely loved it.   I can’t wait to go back to book 1….


Cover Reveal

tap that

Title: Tap That
Authors: Jennifer Blackwood & RC Boldt
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Cover Design: RBA Designs
Release Date: March 6, 2018


The beer’s not the only thing getting tapped.


I have a problem. A doe-eyed brunette in the form of my new co-worker. She’s taken my promotion and I intend to do everything in my power to get it back. To prove I’m the man for the job.

Nobody warned me that one night with her would change everything.


The rules are simple. Complete two months of training at my new job at On Tap Brewery and I’ll keep my manager position. Fail, and I’ll have to crawl back to my parents and die a slow and painful death at a desk job.

I never would’ve guessed I’d have to choose between this promotion…or love.





Jennifer Blackwood

Jennifer is a USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance. She lives in Oregon with her husband, son, and poorly behaved black lab puppy. When not chasing after her kiddo, you can find her binging on episodes of Gilmore Girls and Supernatural, and locking herself in her office to write.

Facebook Group:

RC Boldt

RC Boldt is the wife of Mr. Boldt, a retired Navy Chief, mother of Little Miss Boldt, and former teacher of many students. She currently lives on the southeastern coast of North Carolina, enjoys long walks on the beach, running, reading, people watching, and singing karaoke. If you’re in the mood for some killer homemade mojitos, can’t recall the lyrics to a particular 80’s song, or just need to hang around a nonconformist who will do almost anything for a laugh, she’s your girl.




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Seized by Love at Seaside

By: Addison Cole

Seized by Love at Seaside is another great book by Addison Cole.   We meet Lizzie Barber, she runs the local flower shop during the day and at night turns into the Naked Baker and hosts a webcast to earn more money to help her parents and pay for her sister’s education. She’s done this for years and hasn’t told anyone her little secret.   Blue Ryder has always loved Lizzie right from the first time he met her a year ago. During the past year he has asked her out dozens of times and each time she says no.   Blue renovates Lizzies kitchen and because of that they spend more and more time together.   Will Blue discover Lizzies secret??? What happens when he does????   How do her parent feel when they find out????   This book along with Addison’s other books I’ve read so far are great reads… They are sweet romances with no hot and heavy sex scenes which is a pleasant surprise for a change.   I loved this book…


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here comes the sun

Here Comes The Sun

Butler Vermont #3

By: Marie Force

This is another great story from Butler, Vermont and features Wade Abbott…. Wade’s a little different from the other members of his family…. He’s quiet…. He’s vegan….. He loves yoga…… Two years ago at a yoga retreat he meets Mia Simpson and he’s totally smitten…. One look and he knows that he’s going to spend his life with her, the only problem is she’s currently with someone else and not able to return his affections.   Mia turns up on his door step, half frozen, and with bruises all over her, he knows she been beaten up and is only too willing to be there and help her.   Twists and turns that you won’t see about to happen make this book one that you can’t put down. I literally devoured it within a day.   Will Mia and Wade get their happy ever after that they deserve????


Book Review

gansett christmas

A Gansett Island Christmas

By: Marie Force

There are two things I love…. Christmas and spending time with my friends on Gansett Island.   So the idea of having both in one book was absolutely amazing…. BUT, I know there is always but, there is a blizzard on Gansett Island and it’s going to ruin everyones plans for Christmas that is until Ned steps in with a big idea of how to pick everyone up and deliver them to the Big Mac and Linda’s place. As always there is drama…. It wouldn’t be Gansett Island with out that. This is a really quick read and one I absolutely loved……