New Release / Book Review


Seized by Love at Seaside

By: Addison Cole

Seized by Love at Seaside is another great book by Addison Cole.   We meet Lizzie Barber, she runs the local flower shop during the day and at night turns into the Naked Baker and hosts a webcast to earn more money to help her parents and pay for her sister’s education. She’s done this for years and hasn’t told anyone her little secret.   Blue Ryder has always loved Lizzie right from the first time he met her a year ago. During the past year he has asked her out dozens of times and each time she says no.   Blue renovates Lizzies kitchen and because of that they spend more and more time together.   Will Blue discover Lizzies secret??? What happens when he does????   How do her parent feel when they find out????   This book along with Addison’s other books I’ve read so far are great reads… They are sweet romances with no hot and heavy sex scenes which is a pleasant surprise for a change.   I loved this book…


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