New Release / Book Review

hard crush

Hard Crush (Back to You #1)

By: Mira Lyn Kelly

This is the first book I’ve read by Mira Lyn Kelly and I absolutely loved it.

This book had it all it…

A jaded billionaire.

The girl who got away.

A second chance has never been so sexy.

This book follows the story of Abby and Hank. They were childhood sweethearts…. Hank left town to follow his dream and left Abby behind.   10 years later he’s a billionaire geek but all he really wants is Abby.       Abby’s a Teacher and technology isn’t her friend.   She’s tired to move on from Hank, but it’s kindof hard when she see’s his picture in magazines, this Tech Genius is the boy she useto love.   Hank is back in Abby’s hometown, there’s a School Reunion and he attends in the hope of running into her.

Hank really wants Abby back……   Abby’s finding it hard seeing him all the time…….   What will happen when they start spending more time together????   Will love conquer all ?????   Will their childhood relationship be just that?????  Or will they discover they have both really been waiting for each other????   This was a fantastic read that I absolutely loved.   I can’t wait to read more in this series…










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