Book Review / New Release

Hollywood Heartbreak

Hollywood Heartbreak

By CJ Duggan

This is the fifth book in the Heart of the City series by CJ Duggan and I must say I absolutely loved this one.   We meet Abby Taylor, she’s a big name Aussie actress from a show called Ship to Sea where she has played the character of Cassie Carmichael for the past 3 years.   After a bit of a tough time she leaves this show and heads to Hollywood.   One of her Aussie friends Billie, who is makeup artist, lives in Hollywood so Abby stays with her.   Abby thinks that it will all be great and she’ll hand the big acting role, but unfortunately it’s not that easy and she ends up waiting tables at one of the hottest nightspots in Hollywood.   We meet Jay Davis, he’s Cassie’s boss. He’s hot and sexy and single and these two seem to hate each other one minute and then love each other the next.   How will Cassie cope when none of her dreams come true???? Or will she have new dreams?????   What happens when we discover who Jay really is????   Will that change what Abby thinks about him or not????   This was another fantastic book by CJ Duggan that I really loved.



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