Book Review / New Release

Royal Rebel

Title: Royal Rebel

Series: Flings with Kings #2

Author: Jessica Peterson


This is the second book in the Flings with King’s series and I thought the first book following the story of Kit and Em was a roller coaster road, but I was wrong, following the story of Kit’s brother Robert and Em’s assistant Aly was even more so.


We originally meet Prince Robert, who’s the playboy Prince and Aly Mason in Royal Ruin, so we know a little bit about them.   Aly originally moved to England to work with Em but now she’s the one who is running the business, which she loves, she’s living the dream, meeting her goals and is very successful. The only thing missing from her life is her very own Prince Charming.     Enter Rob, he’s a Prince, but definitely not Prince Charming, although he will always charm the pants off the girls.   There was lots of twists and turns in this book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I can’t wait to read more books by Ms Peterson.



Royal. Recklessly Rebellious. Totally Delicious.

SUBJECT: I’m sorry (Marked Confidential) Sat 21 May 02:48 A.M.

From the Desk of His Royal Highness Prince Robert

Aly—can’t stop thinking about tonight. Never thought enemies like us would end up naked together. Again. Know you think I’m cocky, but come on, sweetheart…don’t tell me it’s not the best sex you’ve ever had.   I’m not a good man. But for the first time, I wish I were. Maybe then I’d deserve you. I don’t. Not when I come from a family like mine. All these secrets…   You’re gorgeous. Clever. You call me out on my bullshit, and I bloody adore it.   I adore you, sweetheart.   You have your new bloke. And I’m…me. The playboy prince. We’re not meant to be together. But staying away from you is killing me, Aly. Thinking about him touching you is killing me.   I’ve no right to talk to you like this. Im sorry. It’s the whiskey talking. This is what you do to me.   Rob   P.S.—I can’t send this. But I am thinking of you.

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