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Love Again

***** BOOK REVIEW ******

Love Again (Cowboys & Angels Book 4)
By Kelly Elliott

Love Again is book 4 in the Cowboys & Angels series, my advise is to read them in order so that way you can totally follow the other side characters who have stories in the other 3 books. This book follows the story of Waylynn Parker, she’s had an interesting life, she been married, moved away from home and all she ever wanted was to have a baby of her own. But when things turn bad with her husband she leaves him and moves back home and decides to open a dance studio. She hires Jonathon Turner, who is her brother best mate, to do the renovations. The problem being that Jonathon will be the death of her, he’s 6 years younger than her and totally into her but although she’s into him she really struggles with the 6 year age difference. Jonathon manages to slowly break down her walls. What will happen when her brother discover what’s happening between these two??? What will the town think???? There is one extremely sad part in this book which had me devastated and in tears. I really felt for the characters. I have absolutely loved this series so far and I feel that each book quickly becomes my favourite. Again I loved this book and can’t wait to see what’s in store in the book 5.