Book Review / New Release

whispers at seaside

Whispers at Seaside

By Addison Cole

What a fun, flirty and great book this was. We follow the story of Matt Lacroux, or should I say Professor Matt Lacroux, he works Princeton and is a very serious type of guy. He’s always had his life worked out but his hopes of become Dean now not possible he’s rethinking what he wants out of life. Now that he’s received a publishing contract he’s taken time off to write a book and decides to head home to the Cape so he can spend some more time with his family. Matt’s dad own’s the local hardware store and Mira Savage, who’s a single mum works their as his bookkeeper. Mira is an amazing person, she spends all her time looking after her 6 year old son Hagen, study so she can become a CPA and that leave little time for herself or a love life. She’s had a mad crush on her boss’s son for months but doesn’t want to do anything about that to jepodise her job as Mira know’s the business and her job are on shaky ground. Matt has always found Mira attractive and can’t wait to be able to spend some more time with her and Hagen. After a problem with Matt’s shower he heads to his fathers store rather late and night only to find Mira work there. They start to spend some time together and sparks literally fly off the pages of the book when these two are together. Matt loves spending time with Mira and Hagan. And what can I say about Hagen, he’s the brightest, smartest 6 year old in the world. He wants to build a rocket, a boat and I really think Matt see’s a lot of himself in this cute little 6 year old. The interaction between these characters is totally off the charts. Both Matt and Mira deserve their HEA. I absolutely loved this book and can’t wait to read more stories about my friends from the Cape.



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