Book Review / New Release

Anything for Love

Anything for Love

By Melissa Foster

Released 27th June 2018

Anything for Love is a fantastic name for this book as both of the main characters would literally do anything for love. This book follows the story of Beau Braden, he’s hot, he’s sexy, he’s a tradie, and had just been offered the most amazing job as being the star of a home renovation reality tv show. Beau has had a pretty tough life, his first and only love, his childhood sweetheart was tragically killed and sadly he’s never got over the guilt and blames himself. We meet Charlotte Sterling, she’s an erotic romance author and spends all her time writing, she spends her time with her imaginary friends. After her last family member passes away she moves to Sterling House which is her family’s Inn in the Colorado Mountains. She loves this quiet lifestyle where she spends her days and night’s writing. Early on she learnt that men, in general, don’t live up to the characters in her book that is until the ruggedly handsome Beau Branden arrives on her doorstep to do renovations to the Inn and for the first time in Charlottes life she thinks maybe she will get her HEA. This time of the year is always hard for Beau and that’s why he’s escaping to the mountains to do work on Charlottes Inn in a hope that he can clear his head before he takes on the reality tv show, but he didn’t expect to find the sexy innkeeper as attractive as he did. Neither of them are looking for a romance but the more they spend time together the closer they become. He helps her with her research for her books and you can literally see the sparks flying off the pages between these two. What will happen when it’s time for Beau to leave? Will he? How will Charlotte feel? Will these two get their HEA they both deserve? This was another fantastic book that I thoroughly enjoyed.


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