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All He Wants This Christmas

by Claire Woods

I love this time of year as it’s when we start to get the Christmas stories. This was a really lovely story that I thoroughly enjoyed.   We meet Kate Gilletti, she’s a single mum who has her hands full from everything she does.   We also meet Gianni, he’s a single dad and as hot as hell.   Kids love him….. Women want him…..   what happens when Gianni and Kate meet?   She doesn’t have time to fall in love with the town hunk, he might be on every other single womens Christmas list but he isn’t on hers.     This is a fun, light and sexy Christmas story with a few surprising events.


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Fortune (Not Like the Moves Book 2)

by Lauren K. McKellar

Although this book is part of the Not Like the Movies Series it can be read as a stand alone.   This book follows the story of Grace Storey, who we previously met in the Ms McKellar’s book The Vine.     Grace can’t wait to leave the family winery and escape the small town for the big city where she expecting to find work, better cell phone service and her Prince Charming.   The guy she fell in love with at high school turned out to be a psychopath and the only other guy in town being Creepy Keith, her options are very limited. Enter Darcy Fortune, he’s your typical bad boy rocker and has 3 things on his mind, Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll.   That’s how he lives, it’s his way to protect himself from pain, which he has previously experienced.   The last thing Grace needs in her life is a bad boy rocker. The last thing Darcy needs is a sassy journalist.   Sparks fly when these two meet.   How will they both handle it???   Will Grace be able to break through the tough exterior of Darcy??? Will Darcy be able to show Grace he isn’t as bad as his reputation????   This was a fantastic book that I thoroughly enjoyed. Twists and turns that I didn’t expect made it even more enjoyable. It was also great to get to visit old friends from previous books of Ms Mc Keller.



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Passion on the Pitch

By Maya Hughes

This is one of the first books by Maya Hughes that I’ve read and I absolutely loved it.   I couldn’t get enough and have since read 3 other books of hers.   In this book we meet Jess Montgomery, she works as an Actuary and all about following the rules.   She heads out one night to meet her friends at a bar and because of other reasons they don’t show up.   After an ultacation at the bar, where she stands up for someone she meets a green eyed Irishman who literally blows her mind.   Aedan O’Connell is an Irishman, he’s a football (soccer) star and has come to American for a break during the off season.   He’s sick and tired of people treating special because of who he is, he never knows if someone is interested in him as a person or him because of what he does.   When he spots Jess in the bar he is totally smitten.   After chatting for a while they share one night of passion. He’s only in America for a couple of weeks and Jess decides why not spend some time with him.

Jess has no idea who he is?????   What happens when she finds out?????   Can he convince her to keep their romance alive when he heads back home?????     This was a great story with lots of twists and turns.   I thoroughly enjoyed it and would highly recommend it……     It can be read as a standalone.



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tempting love 2

TEMPTING LOVE (Book 3 in the Cowboys and Angels series) is coming January 30, 2018! You can pre order now! Paperback preorder coming soon!

This is Mitchell and Corina’s book and I CANNOT wait for y’all get your hands on it!

Blurb –

Can a woman actually make you feel like you’re losing your damn mind?


If she is Corina Miller.

The only woman who has ever made me long for something more, and let me tell you, that has me all kinds of messed up. After months of ignoring my feelings, it’s clear to me I’ve fallen for those piercing blue eyes and sexy smile.

But is it too late?

Have I pushed her into the arms of someone else?

Hell no am I letting that happen.

I’m on a mission to win the heart of the only woman I’ve ever cared about—and the only thing standing in my way is one stubborn and pissed off Corina.

I always did like a challenge.

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By Jacob Chance

DRIVE is a friends to lovers sports romcom
Releasing December 1st
Kissing a complete stranger shouldn’t be a life altering experience, but with him it was. One look into his mischievous hazel eyes and our lips were colliding without a second thought.
Now, months later, not only do I know his name, we’ve also become friends. Good friends. The kind of friends that kiss and cuddle together, all night long. The kind of friends that fantasize about being horizontal or vertical…and very much naked.
I’d never been attracted to the football playing jocks, but Nick’s different. When he’s not being a professional flirt, he’s undeniably sweet and funny. For every excuse my mind comes up with to keep my distance, my body finds two reasons to give him a chance.
Can he make the final drive into my heart or will I keep him in the friend zone?
#Nickstracted #Football #Romcom #FriendsToLovers
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Secrets at Seaside
By Addison Cole
Released 25 October 2017
I’ve loved all the books in this series by Addison Cole so far and this book, Secrets at Seaside is no exception. We follow the story of Tony Black, he’s a hot sexy surfer and Amy Maples. They have been friends for a long time and spend their summers at Cape Cod with their friends. They had a brief fling 14 years ago but due to a devastating accident they went their separate ways, although they both continued to love each other.
Amy has spent years trying to reclaim Tony’s heart and she’s decided that she’s finally going to make a play for Tony and that he will finally be hers. I love that fact that we get to visit with our other favourite friends from the Cape too. There are twists and turns in this book. Can Tony and Amy get over the problems from the past and have the future together that they deserve? This is another beautiful book by Ms Cole and one that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Book Review / New Release


Accidental Man Whore

By Katherine Stevens

Released 10th October 2017

This is the first book I’ve read by Ms Stevens and I must say I found it very enjoyable.   Yeah I admit it was the name that got my attention.   This book follows the story of Benjamin Wright, he works in his own business where he supplies plants to offices.   So I guess you could say he’s the plant man.   His dad becomes ill and he needs money quickly to help pay for his medical bills.   That’s how he becomes and Escort, well he isn’t really an Escort, but then again maybe he is???   All he wanted to do was make some extra money to help his dad out, although his dad thinks he’s selling drugs and would like some to help him with his pain. Ben insists to his dad that he’s not selling drugs.

We meet Miryam Wexler, she’s a lawyer and happily engaged to her fiancé David and busy planning her wedding, that is until she catches him cheating and get’s dumped just before her wedding.   She’s had a tough life and was bought up by her grandmother, or Bubbie as she calls her.   Miryam doesn’t want to upset her Bubbie so she hires Ben to pretend to be David the fiancé.   Luckily Bubbie is blind and can’t see.

He needs money…. She needs a fake fiancé…… and they seem to hate each other……..     Twists and turns and lots of fun times was had in this book.   I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to reading more books by Katherine Stevens.